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NeverEVERDiet.com - 21 days to a new you!
A new-thinking approach to losing weight
quickly, easily, safely and automatically!

The perfect companion for Jon Gabriel's book, The Gabriel Method

Learn how to make your body WANT to lose weight and

Never Ever Diet!Ned recommends Jon Gabrielle Method Weight Loss

If you are LOOKING for a diet

if you think you SHOULD be on a diet
or if you are already ON a diet
I have just two words for you:


And that is the best advice you will ever get if you struggle with your weight loss, addictions, self-esteem, confidence, emotional issues and more.

I can show you why diets do NOT work! You are really just starving your body for nutrition. Dieting sends your body the worst possible, WRONG messages! It makes your body want to hold onto weight.

For long term, easy weight loss and to keep it off, to reverse your struggle with weight loss, you only need to change your thinking about weight loss.

Weight Loss is Automatic!

  • Lose weight

  • Get the body of your dreams

  • Get healthy

  • Stop or reduce addictions

  • Live longer

  • Love yourself

  • Reduce stress and worry

  • Lose your guilt and shame

  • Gain confidence

  • Be happier

  • Laugh more

  • Succeed in everything you want

Say NO! to denying yourself foods that your body wants! Fresh foods help with weight loss

Forget will-power. That doesn't work.

Exercise? Nope, that is not the trick either.

Eat anything and everything you like! It is not about what you eat - It is all about what your mind and body DOES with what you eat!

While you are enjoying your favorite foods, add some healthy fruit, nuts, vegetables and water. Gradually, you will prefer healthier foods. Your body will demand them and you will enjoy them!

Too busy, too tired, too fat to exercise? Don't sweat it! As your body changes modes under this program, it will gently provide the desire to move more and get healthier. You will even lose weight while you sleep!

I could rave on for pages about how this program can help you weight loss, but the proof is in the "eating".

Try out the complete program for 60 days absolutely risk free! I promise a 100% refund within 60 days if you are not 100% satisfied - and you can keep the program!

Download the full program immediately after your payment is confirmed and get started on your weight loss journey right now.

Never Ever Diet Soundfiles

  • My Soundfiles are the audio key to the program
  • Information, meditation, visualisation, affirmations and self-hypnosis messages
  • They can even work while you sleep
  • Download as a Zip file of MP3 tracks and E-Book
  • Use them with your IPod, MP3 or CD player

Never Ever Diet Guidebook

  • A quick and easy read
  • Every line packs a punch
  • Challenge your beliefs about dieting
  • Refer to it frequently
  • It will keep you on track with NOT dieting!
  • Sections on good health, confidence and abundance
  • Be happy and peaceful and enjoy life

Are you obese? Morbidly obese? Or even a little overweight? Is losing weight a constant battle? Does your weight yo-yo? Can’t lose weight? Want easy weight loss success? This weight loss plan is as easy as it gets.

Never Ever Diet weight loss CD

Order online now with complete safety. Try it risk free for 60 days.

Weight loss guaranteeI promise a full 100% refund on request within 60 days
if you are not completely satisfied. And you can keep the product!

Ned Newman weight loss guru


Pay by PayPal, US Check or Credit Card (you do not need a PayPal account)

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I like the program because it reveals a easy way to manifest good in our personal lives and to help the lives of others, in the meantime how to also make sense of dieting.

Thank you for the program and the reasonable price. Stan

I lost almost around 11 pounds, and have no plans of stopping. I feel good every time I listen to the plan and feel like I'm exercising while I'm listening to it.

The plan itself has been very motivating for me. I have given up losing my weight before a few times because I didn't lose anything. But with this plan, I feel more energetic and feel like my body is still working out without the worry of eating "unhealthy" foods. I still eat pizza and other junk foods and still managed to lose this much weight. Nick.


Tomorrow is my 'day 21' and I have only fantastic things to say about this program.

When I first began listening to the "daydreams", I felt an increase in my energy over the next 24 hours. I listened to the first day track in the evening while relaxing outside. The next night, I listened to the every day track right before turning out the light to sleep for the night. I haven't slept that well in a LONG time!

There were a couple of nights that I dozed off during the meditation and woke up hours later with the recordings still playing in my earbuds. They really help me to relax and feel at peace.

Oh, and I can't forget to tell you about the weight loss. I am a 5 foot 5 female and prior to starting this program weighed about 137. I had just enough extra weight to feel icky. I never had any motivation to exercise, and just ate whatever I wanted...not paying attention to the food.

Now, 20 days later, I weigh 131. This is not a miracle pill or scheme. This program tapped into my subconscious mind and made me pay attention to what I was eating. In fact, at this point, it has completely gotten rid of my snacking urges throughout the day...I still have a nightime sweet-tooth, but it is a lot more tame than it was before the program.

I enjoy the meditation tracks so much that I plan on continuing with them, even after tomorrow. The power of the mind is incredible! This was definitely worth the try. Thank you so much! Stacia.


I have just one word for this - "Wow!"

Just downloaded and listened to the full program (about an hour and a half) it is seems to be very good, powerful stuff. I will start my 21 days tonight. Can't wait. Marie.

Rating: Weight loss 5 Star program [5 of 5 Stars!]

The NeverEverDiet.com 21 Day Plan uses newly discovered principles based on the latest thinking about the way our mind works (mouse-over for links): Quantum Theory, The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and universal energy concepts. It incorporates some of the teachings of Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak ChopraJon Gabriel, Dr George Blair-West, Paul McKenna and many others. So much wisdom distilled into one enjoyable program, easy for anyone to use right now.

You will be expertly guided through deep Meditation (assisted by optional Binaural Beats technology), Visualisation, Affirmations, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and optional self-hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestion. It is all transparent, easy and entirely safe.

Teach your mind how to make you as slim as you want to be and
Never, EVER, Diet again -
Never, EVER!

This easy meditation/self-hypnosis audio program can

change your life!

Click here to listen to a free sneak preview of the introduction to this program

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